Northern California's Premiere Cannabis Educational Company
Northern California's PremiereCannabis Educational Company

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Here's what people are saying about Cannaridge Consultants

A Cannaridge Consultant came out and got me up and running in no time.I could have never figured out how to do what they did in 2-3 hours!

Money Well Spent to get Growing MY OWN!

I highly recommend them to anyone that wants to get started right away and doesn't want to wait a YEAR to buy it legally in a store!

Gordon B-Retired Veteran Redding Cal

A Cannaridge Consultant came out to our home and we learned in one hour what would have taken us Months on our own to Learn!....Professional.....Highly trained experts on Cannabis,the History, How to Grow your Own and the Equipment needed to get started etc....

We are so glad we found them and got started! Who wants to wait a YEAR...


Gary P- Palo Cedro Ca

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Cannaridge Consultants
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Learn-How to Grow Your Own,How to get started.From Education to a Complete Set up in your own home in no time!Fees are per hour.

Get the info you need on Recreational Marijuana now legal in California for Adults 21+ Currently Servicing Shasta/Tehama and Siskiyou Counties...others to come soon!

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